SharePoint in cloud – multi-user Windows software access and management

Apponfly Multi-UserAre you looking for a low-priced solution to your company software needs?

Apponfly now lets you add more users/colleagues under your AppOnFly account and share files and data with them.

We moved SharePoint onto cloud.

You can now work on Apponfly Platform in either a single-user or a multi-user mode and take advantage of the online cloud-based suite of Windows run applications and softwares for a fraction of the original price.

Multi-user mode allows several users to access common files and softwares. Several users can work on the same project and track the others’ progress. This eliminates the need for copying and sending the files over email.

Apponfly offers an exceptional performance multi-user environment, providing access to Windows software and desktops and professional programs that support Windows 10, 8, 7 and others, including Mac OS, iOS and  Android,  for one or several users within a single account.

You can now take advantage of our multi-user remote desktop access to Windows applications for the users in your company.

Just sign up at: AppOnFly multiuser account access

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