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To provide the best performance and prevent any misuse of AppOnFly, users are not allowed to install or run any software on their own.

If you need to install and run other than ready to use apps, please subscribe to AppOnFly and add Custom Virtual Private Server (VPS) to your Apps following these steps:


Edit: We launched new - easy project -> Order your VPS today on:

Cloud bastards

Or you can od it older way:

1. Log in to AppOnFly web and click Add new service on Your Apps.

2. Choose from 3 options:

Custom VPS option 1 (1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD) or
Custom VPS option 2 (2 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB HDD) or
Custom VPS option 3 (4vCPU, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD)

VPS apponfly - Czech IP - Monthly payments

3. Click Continue, Save all changes, Confirm the Order and Authorize the payment on a secure gateway.

4. Drop us a message, we'll send to you admin credentials as soon as your VPS is ready


Enjoy AppOnFlying!

ABBYY FineReader is now available in cloud

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We proudly announce that we have become an official partner of ABBYY company and distributor of their OCR software ABBYY FineReader.

How to use FineReader online through AppOnFly?

You can very accurately convert paper and images into editable formats including Microsoft Office and searchable PDF – enabling you to reuse the content, archive them more efficiently and retrieve more quickly. This all can be done through AppOnFly online cloud access to ABBYY FineReader with no installation or setup needed.

ABBYY finereader 12 free trial - in cloud

Start a Free Trial of ABBYY FineReaderProfessional for 10 days!
When your Trial will be getting closer to the end, you can simply continue using it only just for 4,90 €.

Start your free trial of ABBYY FineReader Professional now

Work effortlessly and save hours of time.
The AppOnFly Team

How is apponfly charged

How is AppOnFly charged?

About usPaymentsAppOnFlyremote desktop windowsSaaSsoftware distribution

It´s always free for the first month! You can choose any of our application, check our video tutorials on Youtube and start creating new projects.

What you should also know:

We will only charge you for the remaining 14 days of month. From the following month onwards, we will charge you the full monthly payment.

The first payment is processed on the same date when you confirm the order and authorize payment with your card in our secure payment gateway.

The following months’ full payment is automatically processed on the 26th of each month (by direct debit).

Your payment status and next payment date are displayed on your web profile in Your Apps.

Your AppOnFly Team

chat on apponfly

Chat with us on AppOnFly desktop

About usChat

As you may know we have recently launched „inside chat“. We are online and ready to help you at your AppOnFly desktop.

Lots of you are using our services and we are busy with your requests. Please chat with us when you really need help:-)

Otherwise, you can still email us on

We have prepared FAQ for you on our support site to resolve your questions too.

Don´t forget to watch our tutorial "How to start AppOnFly by using RDP file" or read How to start through your "windows browser"

Your AppOnFly Team

AppOnFly Tutorial – How to start the free trial

HTML5 accessRemote desktop Windows appsSaaSAppOnFlyAppOnFly Websitenew registration processremote desktop windowsSaaSsecuredesktopwindows application

Go to AppOnFly homepage and click on the button "Try it free"

Login with your Facebook login or just insert your email (recommended) + verify that you are not a robot

You will see this screen below. The choose the right option "Using Web Browser"

apponlfly dashboard

The AppOnFly desktop will appear. Than choose what application you want to use.

free aplication - apponfly

Fill in your email and the password we sent you to your email. 

You will see the screen below. Click on "Add new app or service"

Choose your application. Don't worry, it comes free for a month.

Then, then  AppOnFly dashboard will appear again. Click in Menu on  "Connect to AppOnFly" and you will see the screen below again - > Choose Open in web browser.

Thats all. You can start working with your selected software. Have fun!

apponfly scam or trustworthy

Is AppOnFly trustworthy? YES, have a look at a review

About usAppOnFlycloudremote desktop windowsSaaS

You may ask yourself - is AppOnFly trustworthy? Is it a normal bussiness site with high quality services and fast and safe applications?

You can trust the result below: We are 91% safe, we have high trust rating and also we are very popular.

The determining factors for the result were: ownership details, location, popularity and other sites relating to reviews, threats, phishing etc

Or you can Try it free on your own HERE

is apponfly safe, trustworthy or scam

800 MB/s internet speed - only with us

Over 800 MB/s internet speed – only with AppOnFly! How to do it?

VPSfast internetfree microsoft softwarefree vpsInternet speed

How you can do it? Follow the next 6 easy steps!

-> Just login on

-> Connect to by downloading the remote desktop or simply through your internet browser

-> Find the icon and open it

-> Begin test (your prefered server)

->  Surprised by the connectivity of around 800MB/s and more?

-> Share this unbelievable result on FACEBOOK

-> You can subscribe here to this nearly unlimited internet access  - SUBSCRIBE

Corel Wordperfect x8

How to use WordPerfect Office X8 online? Check it out on AppOnFly!

Corel SoftwareCorel WordPerfectcloudSaaSwordperfectwordperfect x8

Create high-impact documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Enjoy unrivalled compatibility with support for over 60 file types, including the latest Microsoft Office formats.

Wordperfect Office X8 is now available as remote desktop application on AppOnFly. Visit Wordperfect Office X8 page and click on "Try one month free button".

Your free trial is waiting for you!