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Buy a licence of Enterprise Architect on AppOnFly

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We can proudly announce AppOnFly has become an Approved Reseller of Enterprise Architect.

You can access Enterprise Architect easily through secure remote desktop, and work with it in the Cloud from any device running the Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android operating system.

Check our Video Tutorials from How to start to How to buy your Application.


AppOnFly has become an official reseller of SDL Trados Studio

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From now on AppOnFly has been an Approved Reseller of SDL, the global innovator in language translation technology, services and content management.

Translate faster and smarter while presenting a unified brand to the world. SDL Trados Studio is the complete translation environment for language professionals who want to edit, review and manage translation projects as well as corporate terminology.

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apponfly upgrade to 7.0

Successful upgrade to PHP 7.0

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Despite the fact that PHP 7.0 is a new major version, efforts in AppOnFly have been made to make migration from PHP 5.0 as painless as possible. Now, we can declare that we have  easily handled that and we are sure that you don´t even notice the change.

This worldwide migration brings new features particulary removing functionality deprecated in previous versions, improving language consistency, increasing twice the speed of the performance and many others.

Get your VPS now!

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To provide the best performance and prevent any misuse of AppOnFly, users are not allowed to install or run any software on their own.

If you need to install and run other than ready to use apps, please subscribe to AppOnFly and add Custom Virtual Private Server (VPS) to your Apps following these steps:


Edit: We launched new - easy project -> Order your VPS today on:

Cloud bastards

Or you can od it older way:

1. Log in to AppOnFly web and click Add new service on Your Apps.

2. Choose from 3 options:

Custom VPS option 1 (1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD) or
Custom VPS option 2 (2 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB HDD) or
Custom VPS option 3 (4vCPU, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD)

VPS apponfly - Czech IP - Monthly payments

3. Click Continue, Save all changes, Confirm the Order and Authorize the payment on a secure gateway.

4. Drop us a message, we'll send to you admin credentials as soon as your VPS is ready


Enjoy AppOnFlying!