Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016 online

microsoft-access-2016Microsoft Access is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It does not come with all versions of Microsoft Office, so if you specifically want Microsoft Access make sure the office suite you are purchasing has it.

What is Microsoft Access made up of?
The Microsoft Access Database is made up of 7 major components:

  • Tables - The tables are the backbone and the storage container of the data entered into the database.
  • Relationships - Relationships are the bonds you build between the tables. They join tables that have associated elements.
  • Queries - Are the means of manipulating the data to display in a form or a report. Queries can sort, calculate, group, filter, join tables, update data, delete data, etc. Their power is immense.
  • Forms - Forms are the primary interface through which the users of the database enter data.
  • Reports - Reports are the results of the manipulation of the data you have entered into the database.
  • Macros - Macros are an automatic way for Access to carry out a series of actions for the database.
  • Modules - Modules are the basis of the programming language that supports Microsoft Access, The module window is where you can write and store Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

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