Create schedule on Microsoft Project 2016 on Apponfly

Microsoft Project 2016 makes it easy to set your project schedule. Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to project management success!

Microsoft Project 2016

  1. Sign up for Microsoft Project 2016 on AppOnFly!
  2. Enter the project information (name and start date).

  3. Develop a work breakdown structure to organize your work.

  4. Enter the tasks needed to create the WBS deliverables (don’t forget to indicate if you want manual or auto-scheduled tasks, and the task type).

  5. Link your tasks to show dependencies and create a network diagram

  6. Enter the resources who will work on your project, their cost/rate, and the time they have available.

  7. Estimate the effort or duration for each task.

  8. Assign resources to each task.

  9. Resolve any resource conflicts.

  10. Balance schedule, cost, resource, and performance constraints to meet stakeholder expectations.

  11. Baseline your schedule.

Enjoy Microsoft Project 2016 on AppOnFly!

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