New 3-step registration process for AOF

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Good news for everyone! We have optimized our registration process so now you can register from any device in 3 steps only. Each step is accompanied by a simple graphic description. Optimized registration process brings you faster and easier access to start using cloud based desktop with top professional Windows applications. Try it here:

Why us – AppOnFly

About us

Our mission has always been to make Windows applications more accessible for everyone. To accomplish this goal, we have been making every effort to develop the best Windows platform for your needs. We began more than ten years ago, gathering experience, and therefore we can now provide you with splendid Windows desktop client, unique for its applicability. It does not

The launch of AppOnFly Blog

About us

Welcome to AppOnFly Blog! We are delighted to have you here in AppOnFly community! This Blog has been created to share and exchange experience related to AOF products and platforms. You will also be able to find many articles and useful tips to make work with your favorite apps much easier. A lot of new information is expected to be