AppOnFly Tutorial – How to start the free trial

Go to AppOnFly homepage and click on the button "Try it free"

Login with your Facebook login or just insert your email (recommended) + verify that you are not a robot

You will see this screen below. The choose the right option "Using Web Browser"

apponlfly dashboard

The AppOnFly desktop will appear. Than choose what application you want to use.

free aplication - apponfly

Fill in your email and the password we sent you to your email. 

You will see the screen below. Click on "Add new app or service"

Choose your application. Don't worry, it comes free for a month.

Then, then  AppOnFly dashboard will appear again. Click in Menu on  "Connect to AppOnFly" and you will see the screen below again - > Choose Open in web browser.

Thats all. You can start working with your selected software. Have fun!

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