A new way to sell and distribute your Window app

Vendors SupportAppOnFly, Inc.  invites new vendors to collaboration.

Apponfly has launched a cloud-based remote desktop service that empowers your customers to trial or buy your app instantly, and then pay for it on a monthly basis.
Vendors have now possibility to bring their Windows desktop apps to customers from the cloud in 30 seconds. Your customers will get instant access to whenever and wherever they need to user the particular software. The users are welcome to trial or buy your apps instantly, and then pay for them on a monthly basis.

Apponfly creates a page unique to vendors‘ applications where customers can sign up for a free trial or see how it will run in the cloud. Of course, they can also purchase apps on a pay-by-month basis.

One additional function available for vendors is AppOnFly Vendor Dashboard, so they are able to get any infromation about apps usage, including how many users have signed up for a free trial, and how many users have purchased the application.

Apponfly is an online cloud distributor of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, or Microsoft Visio and Visual Studio and statistical softwares such as IBM SPSS, NCSS10 or R Project. For more information about the new vendor opportunities please, visit: Vendor Support

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