Monthly Archives: January 2017

Chat with us on AppOnFly desktop

As you may know we have recently launched „inside chat“. We are online and ready to help you at your AppOnFly desktop. Lots of you are using our services and we are busy with your requests. Please chat with us when you really need help:-) Otherwise, you can still email us on We have prepared Read more

Is AppOnFly trustworthy? YES, have a look at a review

You may ask yourself - is AppOnFly trustworthy? Is it a normal bussiness site with high quality services and fast and safe applications? You can trust the result below: We are 91% safe, we have high trust rating and also we are very popular. The determining factors for the result were: ownership details, location, popularity and other...
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400 000 users using AppOnFly!

We proudly announce you that we have very quickly achieved a big number of users at AppOnFly. Right now there are over 400 000 of you and the number is still growing... Thanks a lot for choosing our services. Our staff will keep providing the users the best customer service. See you soon in the next milestone. You can Like us on Facebook! Read more

Over 800 MB/s internet speed – only with AppOnFly! How to do it?

How you can do it? Follow the next 6 easy steps!

-> Just login on -> Connect to by downloading the remote desktop or simply through your internet browser -> Find the icon and open it -> Begin test (your prefered server) ->  Surprised by the connectivity of around 800MB/s and more? -> Share this unbelievable result on FACEBOOK -> You can subscribe...
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