A new app: The R Project for Statistical Computing

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As a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics, the R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. The libraries implement a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques, including linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, and others. Only with AppOnFly, this stunning environment compiles and runs

A new app: GNU PSPP

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GNU PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is a free replacement for the proprietary program IBM SPSS. It can perform descriptive statistics, T-tests, anova, linear and logistic regression, measures of association, cluster analysis, reliability and factor analysis, non-parametric tests and more. The cloud version is now available on AppOnFly website, and
Microsoft Office Professional 2013 AppOnFly

A new app: Microsoft Office Professional 2013

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The best office software with the greatest tools to grow your business. The familiar Office applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, OneNote and PowerPoint include new features that help you create, communicate and work even more efficiently from virtually anywhere. Available for Windows, Mac, and even Android. We simply couldn't let that go, so here

A new app: Statistical software NCSS 10

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NCSS (Number Cruncher Statistical System), belonging to the best and most-used statistical software on the globe, offers a very easy-to-use collection of over 190 statistical and graphics tools to analyze and visualize customer’s data. We decided to bring this software to every workplace and device in the world, right in the latest release, safe and secure from